KDDI Announces Verification Tests Using MediaFLO-capable Test Receivers and Renovation of the MediaFLO Exhibition Corner at the KDDI Designing Studio

MediaFLO Japan Planning Inc.
KDDI Corporation

January 26, 2010

KDDI and MediaFLO Japan Planning Inc. are pleased to announce they will today start verification tests of digital content distribution to devices with Wi-Fi connectivity and personal computers in the special ubiquitous zone. The tests will be carried out using VHF compatible USB test receivers and Wi-Fi test receivers, as part of overall verification tests of multimedia broadcasting services for mobile terminals (MediaFLO).

Customers will be able to access MediaFLO services easily by connecting the USB receiver to their computer or connecting the Wi-Fi receiver to a Wi-Fi-capable device such as IPod Touch or Windows Mobile device.

Measuring 50 mm by 87 mm, the Wi-Fi test receiver is compact and can be carried in one's pocket, making it possible for users to enjoy content that employs the strengths of MediaFLO, such as video and weather reports, whenever they are away from home and on the go.

In addition, MediaFLO Japan Planning Inc. obtained a license for a VHF test station to broadcast VHF channel 11 within the KDDI Designing Studio, and visitors can try the various services available in the Okinawa special ubiquitous zone on a test basis, from January 26, in a renovated MediaFLO exhibition corner.

In addition to the new test receivers, the test mobile receivers that were introduced in November 2009 will be on exhibition at the corner.

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