KDDI Announces Launch of TELEHOUSE Data Centers in UK and South Africa

March 23, 2010

TELEHOUSE EUROPE (President: Tokuji Mitsui), KDDI's European local subsidiary, will open TELEHOUSE JOHANNESBURG in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa (referred to below as South Africa) on Wednesday March 24, 2010, and TELEHOUSE LONDON Docklands West in London, UK, on Wednesday March 31, 2010, along with the launch of data center services based on TELEHOUSE global standards.

TELEHOUSE JOHANNESBURG will start providing services in the Isando district of Johannesburg, South Africa. With the launch of the facility, this will be the KDDI Group's second data center in Africa after TELEHOUSE CAPE TOWN which opened in December 2009.
Demand for ICT solutions in Africa has grown in recent years as companies expand into the region and South Africa is steadily becoming the communications hub. By opening TELEHOUSE JOHANNESBURG in the important commercial city of Johannesburg, KDDI will strengthen its ICT operating base in the African market, which is expected to grow in the future.

TELEHOUSE LONDON Docklands West is a large-scale data center with a total floor area of 19,000 square meters. The combined total floor area of Docklands West and the two existing buildings (North and East) on the same site amounts to 45,000 square meters, making it one of the largest data centers in Europe.

While the standard power supply per rack is 4KVA [1] to meet today's need for high power consumption, consideration is also given to the environment. As well as acquiring ISO14001:2004 certification [2], waste heat generated by the data center is recycled to provide hot water free of charge to the neighboring area.

Since March 2008, the KDDI Group has increased the number of its data centers to 17 sites in 11 cities spanning 9 regions globally and has multiplied the total floor area 1.6 times (to approximately 113,000 square meters), enabling the provision of high quality data centers to Japanese companies, overseas carriers and ISPs.

To meet the growing demand for data centers worldwide, the KDDI Group delivers a safe, secure ICT environment to its customers by providing cutting-edge security and technical support to the highest level, thereby ensuring customers' continued business growth.

The KDDI Group will continue to establish high-spec data centers based on global standards that meet customers' demands all over the world and support the global business activities of its customers.

See the attachment for details.

  • [1] KVA: Kilovolt-ampere: the product of the applied voltage and electrical current. This unit is used to express the power required to operate an electrical device.
  • [2] ISO14001:2004: Environmental management system certification
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