Introducing Social Address Book Service "jibe" for au smartphone <Reference>

1. Overview

"jibe" supports 16 major services in Japan. For example, SNS(au one GREE, mixi, twitter), Blogs (Ameblo, Cocolog,) , Gourmet search services (Gourmet Navigator, Livedoor gourmet) and so on. All services are displayed on one screen and multiple posting functions are supported. jibe will be released for au smartphone.

2. Main menu

(1) My page

Direct messages, post messages history, IM messaging history

Image: : My page

(2) Friends (Contacts)

All contacts from native address book of the handset, Friends list of SNSs, imported shop informations.

Image: : Friends (Contacts)

(3) Time Line

All feeds (updates) from SNSs (twitter, mixi, Facebook)

Image: : Time Line

(4) Spot (Navigation)

Customers can search restaurant or hotels from multiple search services without signing up. Search results can be imported to Friends (Contacts) with single tap.

Image: : Spot (Navigation)

(5) Trends

Latest News (RSS feeds), Blogs and twitters of celebrities and famous people are introduced as jibe recommends. Customers can enjoy this menu without signing up to each media services.

Image: : Trends

3. Supported devices

IS03, IS04, IS05, IS06

  • * More devices will be supported in the future.

4. Rate plans

Monthly fee/Free

  • * Packet communication charges are not included.

5. Release schedule

November 2010

  • * Released with supported devices.

6. Connected services list

SNS: Twitter, mixi, Facebook, au one GREE (release schedule December)
Blog: Ameba, Cocolog, livedoor Blog
Chat: Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger
Spot: Gourmet Navigator, livedoor Gourmet, HotPepper, Jalan
Storage: Evernote, Picasa Web Album
AR: Sekai Camera

  • * The information contained in the news releases is current at the time of publication.
    Products, service fees, service content and specifications, contact information, and other details are subject to change without notice.

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