Introducing "IS Flat," a new price plan for au smartphones <Attachment>

1. Features of "IS Flat"

Discount name IS Flat
Fixed charge

5,460 yen/month/including tax

communication with smartphone can be used at a flat rate.
  • * It will be a service for "CDMA 1X WIN" only.
  • * Charges of packet communication used abroad will be exempt to "IS Flat." Instead, they will be applicable to "Kaigai Double-Teigaku," which is to be offered from March 2011.
  • * There is no free communication packet available.
  • * When subscribed to "IS Flat," packet communication fee will be exempt to free call of the price plan.
  • * It cannot be used simultaneously with other packet flat-rates such as "Double-Teigaku" series.
  • * When using "IS Flat" along with "Plan E Simple/Plan E," customers will be subscribing to "Plan F (IS) Simple/Plan F (IS)"

<Reference: Fee image>

Image: Fee image

<Reference: Communication using devices other than smartphones>

(including tax)
Packet communication fee 0.02625 yen/packet
Maximum charge
* ( ) is the additional charge
to the fixed charge
EZweb/Email [1] 5,460 yen/month
( + 0 yen)
PC site viewer [1] 5,985 yen/month
( + 525 yen)
Mobile data communication [1][2]
(for compatible models only)
13,650 yen/month
( + 8,190 yen)
  • [1] Using au mobile phones by inserting au IC card. In case of "IS02," mobile data communication can be used.
  • [2] Maximum charge for mobile data communication will be 10,395 yen (+4,935 yen) from Wednesday, December 1, 2010.

<Reference: "Plan F (IS) Simple/Plan F (IS)">

(including tax)
  basic charge (with "Everybody Discount")
Plan F (IS) Simple "Plan E Simple" basic charge
(with "Everybody Discount") "IS Flat" flat rate  
780 yen/month [3] + 5,460 yen/month → 6,240 yen/month
Plan F (IS) "Plan E" basic charge
(with "Everybody Discount") "IS Flat" flat rate  
1,620 yen/month[3] + 5,460 yen/month → 7,080 yen/month
  • [3] Without "Everybody Discount" subscription, Plan E Simple: 1,560 yen/month and Plan E: 3,240 yen/month.
    Basic charge discount rate of "Everybody Discount," "One-year Discounted Subscription," and "Family Discount" for "Plan F (IS) Simple/ Plan F(IS)" will be the same as that of Plan E Simple/ Plan E.
  • * "IS Flat" packet flat charge will apply for packet communication charge.

2. Subscription start date

Friday, November 26, 2010

3. Service logo

logo: IS Flat

  • * The information contained in the news releases is current at the time of publication.
    Products, service fees, service content and specifications, contact information, and other details are subject to change without notice.

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