Launching "Skype au" on au Android smartphones <Attachment>

1. Features

Services offered by "Skype au" are as follows.

(1) Voice call

  • "Skype au" to "Skype" calls
    Designate a Skype-ID to make a call. It is possible to call not only "Skype au" but also devices including PCs and smartphones by other carriers as long as they feature Skype app.
  • "Skype au" to oversea phones other than "Skype"
    Dial the number to make a call. You need to purchase "Skype Credit" by Skype. To purchase "Skype Credit," please check their homepage.
  • * To make domestic calls to phones other than Skype from "Skype au," you must dial the number and hence it will be regarded as a regular au mobile phone call.

Image: Display images

(2) Instant messaging (IM)
You can enjoy instant messaging with Skype users all the time using au's packet communication.

Image: Instant messaging (IM)

(3) Contact list
"Skype au" app works in the background so that you can check your status of your friends and family members to see if they are on-line or off-line at any time. You can choose a person from your contact list to make a voice call or send an instant message.

Image: Contact list

(4) Status display
You can display your status with an icon to allow the caller to see the receiver's status.

2. Charge

(1) Call charge [1]

(including tax)
Caller Receiver Call rate ("Skype au" user)
"Skype au" user "Skype au" user Free
"Skype au" user Skype user Free
Skype user "Skype au" user Free
"Skype au" user Landline and
mobile phones abroad
Fees set by Skype
(payment with Skype Credit)
  • [1] The fees is until Wednesday, November 30, 2011. The fees after December 2011 will be announced separately. Calls from "Skype au" to domestic landlines and mobiles are charged as regular au mobile phone calls.

(2) Packet communication charge
Packet communication charge occurs according to the pricing plan/packet communication flat rate service of the subscriber in order to use instant messaging, contact list, and status display. Packet communication charge also occurs when making and receiving a voice call for ID identification.

3. Compatible models

Smartphones featuring Android OS.

  • * "IS01" needs to download the app from "au one Market." Downloading involves packet communication charge.

4. Service area

au service areas

  • * "Skype au" cannot be used while using international roaming.
  • * Wi-Fi communication cannot be used.

5. Service launch date

At the same time as the release of "IS03" (after late November, 2010)

6. Service image

Image: Service image

  • * The information contained in the news releases is current at the time of publication.
    Products, service fees, service content and specifications, contact information, and other details are subject to change without notice.

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