Launch of US Data Center "TELEHOUSE NEW YORK Chelsea" <Attachment>

1. Overview

TELEHOUSE NEW YORK Chelsea is an advanced data center with 5,600 m2 of total floor space established by TELEHOUSE AMERICA in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, New York. With advanced power supply facilities and comprehensive security measures, it meets the ever growing career-neutral collocation needs. And the Network connectivity via a high speed backbone line to TELEHOUSE NEW YORK Broadway and TELEHOUSE NEW YORK Teleport facilities enable connection to NYIIX.

2. Service content

(1) Standard services

Service menu Content
Rack collocation service Accommodation for customer equipment in 19 inch racks provided by TELEHOUSE. Racks come with individual locks and an electrical system.
Cage collocation service Spaces enclosed in cages (of iron) are provided for customers who need a higher level of security.
Open collocation service Customer rack space and power sources are provided in single rack units.

(2) Optional services

Service menu Content
Customer equipment monitoring and maintenance services Equipment status checks, backup tape exchange, and services related to storage tasks are provided based on customer instructions.
ICT services One-stop assorted service menu options are provided upon customer request.

3. Data center overview

General information Location Location Chelsea district, Manhattan, New York
Space [1] 5,600 m2
Electrical facilities Power source structure N+1 private power generator
UPS facilities N+1 redundant configuration
Air conditioning facilities Air conditioner structure N+1 redundant configuration
Operation/security Operation 24/7 operation
Languages English & Japanese
Security Security gate equipped with a video surveillance system, ID card verification, man-trap and checks by security staff
  • [1] total floor space

4. Launch date

Monday, January 24, 2011

5. Data center external view

Photo: Data center external view

6. TELEHOUSE global map

TELEHOUSE location list (as of January 2011)

Figure: TELEHOUSE Global Map

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