Launch of KDDI Russia

April 22, 2011

To support the creation of an ICT environment for Japanese companies in Russia, KDDI Europe, KDDI's UK-based subsidiary, will establish KDDI Russia (local name: KDDI Rus LLC) in Moscow and commence operations on 2 May 2011. As a result, KDDI will have a total of 91 overseas bases in 58 cities in 26 regions around the world.

KDDI has hitherto provided services focused on system integration to Japanese firms located around Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia, but by establishing a local subsidiary, we will now be able to expand our operations across Russia and improve our preparedness to meet customers' ICT needs extensively and flexibly.

As a member of BRICs [1], Russia is enjoying conspicuous growth and an increasing number of Japanese companies are expanding into Russia. KDDI Russia will provide wide-ranging ICT solution services, including ICT-related consulting services, system integration and support for corporate network development, especially for Japanese companies operating in Russia.

KDDI will continue to expand its global bases to support Japanese companies around the world.

For details of KDDI Russia, refer to the enclosure.

  • [1] BRICs is an acronym for the four countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China which all have rapidly developing economies.
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