Support for Students Preparing for Entrance Examinations in Areas Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake <Reference materials>

Support for Students Taking Entrance Examinations in Ishinomaki

1. Summary

  For high school entrance examinees For university entrance examinees
Overall study Exam course by teachers
(Provider: Tree of Hope Project)
Exam course by teachers
(Provider: Tree of Hope Project)
Three mock exams for entry to prefectural universities
  • *Including marking, notification of results and explanatory video
(Provider: Shingakukai)
  • Normal video lessons
  • Winter course video lessons (6 days x 3 courses)
    (Provider: Shingakukai)
  • Video lecture "Social Cram School"
    (Provider: Castalia)
  • Video lectures provided by (Provider:
Provision of Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi TBi11M tablet terminals and construction of Wi-Fi online environment (Provider: KDDI)
Learning support using educational materials brought by examinees (Provider: Tree of Hope Project)

2. Target no. of students

100 junior high school students, 50 high school students (tentative)

3. Period

From November 29, 2011 until end of high school and university entrance examinations in March 2012

4. Place

Ishinomaki Senshu University (Ishinomaki, Miyagi)

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