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1. Companies that have adopted AR applications using SATCH SDK

Company Name Outline of Application Availability
KDDI Corporation (LOUIS VUITTON CIRCUS AR apps) Available for a limited period only, this AR application is linked to the Louis Vuitton shopwindow concept in the "LOUIS VUITTON CIRCUS in collaboration with au” campaign promoted jointly by KDDI and Louis Vuitton. November 25, 2011- January 16, 2012
Himi City & Toyama Prefectural University "Himi de gozaru no maki”
Sightseeing guide application for Himi city in Toyama prefecture.
Dr. Sakana (literally "Dr. Fish”), designed by Fujiko Fujio A who was born in Himi, takes you on a tour of the city's highlights.
From late December 2011
Morinaga & Co., Ltd. "Wieder-in-Jelly Charge Go!”
When you hold the camera over the product package, 3D balls bounce around.
This diagnosis AR application lets you have fun with various gimmicks by tapping the balls to make sounds or changing the way the balls move, and it gives sports advice by analyzing the colors and number of balls.
From early February 2012
Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. This AR application is for rich "Cheeza” snacks. Hold the camera over a Cheeza package and "B´AR Cheeza” appears! Enjoy an AR game of darts in the sophisticated atmosphere of B´AR Cheeza.
Get a little tipsy with Cheeza!
From mid-March 2012
Suntory Liquors Limited This AR application "mARude 3D” is for new product "Marude Umesyuna Non-Alcohol”.
When you hold the camera over the product bottle, plum blossom drifts down.
When you tap a flower, the AR application shows different ways of having fun.
From late March 2012
Kushiro City & Kushiro National College of Technology "World´s Three Most Beautiful Sunsets”
This AR application guides you to the best photo spot to capture Kushiro's famed sunset, one of the three most beautiful sunsets in the world.
"Kushiro Washo Ichiba”
This AR application guides you round Washo Market
From late March 2012

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