Japan's first ever mobile NFC service commercialization

January 16, 2012

KDDI will begin unrolling mobile NFC (Type A/B) [1] services from late January 2012.
This will enable usage of NFC services through mobile phones for the first time in Japan.

Mobile phones equipped with mobile NFC services (referred to below as "NFC mobile phones") will allow users to use an array of specialized functions, including a "card function" that enables payment services like electronic money and credit as well as electronic coupons and electronic membership cards all on a mobile phone platform, a "reader function" that enables information reading by sweeping an NFC mobile phone over a poster that contains an NFC tag, and a "peer to peer function" that enables information exchange between NFC mobile phones or by sweeping an NFC mobile phone over an NFC compatible device. Moreover, users will be able to conveniently manage a variety of activities like shopping and public transport all with just one NFC mobile phone, both in Japan and overseas as well.

In tandem with the Mobile Non-contact IC Service Promotion Council [2], KDDI plans to construct and maintain environments for service providers to supply mobile NFC services and to promote the popularization of NFC mobile phones as an important part in every aspect of the consumer lifestyle.

  • [1] NFC (Near Field Communication): A "proximity wireless communication system" based on international standards established by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) that incorporates the Type A and Type B, and FeliCa® communication systems and enables a non-contact IC card function, reader/writer function, and peer-to-peer communication function.
  • [2] Multiple mobile telephone carriers came together on December 21, 2011 to establish the "Mobile Non-contact IC Service Promotion Council" with the goal of expanding mobile non-contact IC services further in Japan.
  • * "FeliCa" is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
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