The new "au Smart Pass" offers unlimited app download at a flat rate, coupons, storage, and security services
- Safely enjoy over 500 apps for 390 yen per month -

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

January 16, 2012

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular will start providing the "au Smart Pass" service on March 1, 2012. This service is designed to enhance the smartphone experience for users, providing a new platform to enjoy smartphones safely and conveniently.

In addition to providing unlimited download access to over 500 popular apps, au Smart Pass will feature discount coupons, a point service, 10 GB of storage for photos and videos, and enhanced security and support for just 390 yen per month (tax included).
Using au Smart Pass will give new smartphone users and people who are already adept at using numerous apps alike a chance to freely and safely enjoy their favorite apps and services.

1. Services offered

(1) Unlimited app download
Users have unlimited download access to over 500 popular apps carefully selected by au in categories including games, entertainment, handy tools, and learning. Original au services like LISMO WAVE and Security Navi are also included in the unlimited download access. In addition, users also get access to apps only available through au Smart Pass and cutting edge apps from Japan and abroad.
Also, because all of the apps included have high safety levels, even new smartphone users can enjoy a worry-free smartphone experience.

(2) Coupons and point service
Users will receive discount coupons in assorted categories including convenience stores and dining as well as digital contents point rewards. Also, users can enjoy a variety of services that store up au points.

(3) Storage and "Photo Album"
"Photo Album" is a backup storage service for images and videos on "au Cloud," a cloud storage service. Main features include easy upload, multi-device capability, slideshow, face recognition function, and easy sharing. Also, the assorted image processing apps that work with Photo Album will also be available through au Smart Pass.

(4) Enhanced security and support services
au Smart Pass also includes the anti-virus functionality of "Virus Buster Mobile for au Smart Pass," a security software from the major Japanese security company Trend Micro. And a special support center will also be available to handle questions regarding each service offered within the au Smart Pass package.
This will do away with any fears customers might have about using a smartphone, such as worries about viruses and usability.

2. Compatible models

au smartphones from Android 2.2 and higher.

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  • * Trend Micro and Virus Buster are registered trademarks of Trend Mirco Incorporated
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