Enjoy au Smart Pass and Video Pass on a large screen KDDI to release REGZA Tablet AT500/26F
- Featuring Android 4.0 and a high-performance quad-core CPU -

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

May 15, 2012

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular have announced plans to release the REGZA Tablet AT500/26F (manufactured by Toshiba Corporation) in late June 2012. In addition, the au Smart Pass service for tablets is also scheduled to launch in late June 2012.

In addition to offering au Smart Pass compatibility, the REGZA Tablet AT500/26F will support the new Video Pass service, which lets users watch an unlimited amount of movies for a flat monthly fee [1]. By using an au ID, au smartphone users will be able to enjoy these services on the tablet's large screen [2].

The Android 4.0 operating system features a user-friendly interface that supports multi-tasking and widgets, and the quad-core CPU provides outstanding speed and comfort for watching movies and browsing the Internet.
The tablet's built-in Wi-Fi functions enable wireless Internet access at home via broadband services such as au Hikari, or outside the home via public wireless LAN services such as au Wi-Fi SPOT [3]. The REGZA Tablet AT500/26F can also connect to the Internet in WiMAX or CDMA areas when used with the Wi-Fi WALKER DATA08W or an au smartphone that supports +WiMAX.

  • [1] Video Pass support is scheduled to begin in late July 2012.
  • [2] To use the au Smart Pass and Video Pass services, a contract for an au smartphone compatible with the services is required separately.
  • [3] To use the au Wi-Fi SPOT service, a contract for an au smartphone using IS Flat or Plan F (IS) Simple is required separately.

写真: REGZA Tablet AT500/26F

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