Greater Integrated Functionality with Facebook® on au Services
- Connectivity at your Fingertips with Open Graph Applications -

May 15, 2012

From May 15, 2012, KDDI will see greater integrated functionality with Facebook on au services. KDDI will be implementing "Open Graph" [1], a next-generation platform offered by Facebook, Inc. (headquartered in Menlo Park, CA; Mark Zuckerberg, CEO; hereafter "Facebook"), on applications offered under "au Smart Pass" as well as a variety of other smartphone applications offered by KDDI.

KDDI is now the first domestic mobile service carrier to implement Open Graph, to which some functions on "Run & Walk," an application that measures and keeps records of running information, have been connected. By more fully expanding the scope of connected applications, KDDI customers will have the opportunity to do more than simply express agreement when they press a "Like" button: for example, they will be able to share "What I'm listening to" and "What I'm watching" on applications, and their friends will see these and make some new discoveries – all in an interactive, real-time environment [2].

From May 15, 2012 KDDI will also begin offering "Fashion WALL." With "Fashion WALL," a new social commerce service, "au Smart Pass" customers can display and recommend products of their choosing from the "au Brand Garden" on a smartphone "WALL" that is then shared via the "Fashion WALL" application or Facebook, and visitors to this WALL can purchase those products.
With Open Graph, features will also be added that enable Facebook content sharing when a new WALL is created or products from a WALL are purchased [2].

KDDI will continue to make use of Open Graph and other Facebook platforms, and in strengthening the integration of au services with Facebook, KDDI will continue to deliver ambitious new applications for "au Smart Pass".

  • [1] Unveiled in September of 2011, a next-generation Facebook platform that enables the development of social applications that work with Timeline. Actions performed with the applications can be easily shared with friends on Facebook.
  • [2] Customers will be able to select information shared on or applications added on Facebook.
  • * Facebook® is a trademark of Facebook, Inc.
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