Expanding investment targets of the "KDDI Open Innovation Fund" and launching partnerships with respective companies <Attachment>

1. "TOLOT for au" (TOLOT)

Picture: "TOLOT for au" (TOLOT)

TOLOT is a personal publishing service for a new era that enables users to create photo books, portfolios, and various original notebooks, just by using a dedicated application and selecting photos taken with smartphones.

TOLOT is an A6-sized paperback, comprised of 64 pages, and can contain up to 62 photos. Pictures are laid out automatically as you select them in the application sequentially, so photo books can be created easily with no confusion. Text up to 140 characters as in Twitter can also be inserted instead of photos. Detailed layout functions are eliminated purposely so that users can have fun along with creating photo books quickly and easily.

Price for a book is only 500 yen per copy (free shipping, consumption tax included) ! A photo book containing the same number of pages generally costs several thousand yen when using a photo book service provided by another companies. Since TOLOT is offered at a moderate price, it is recommended not only for gifts but also for daily use. TOLOT is popular since users can carry it around and share it with friends.

TOLOT uses the Hewlett Packard "HP Indigo 7500", a state-of-the-art digital printing press which provides high-quality photo books just like traditional offset printing. In addition, liquid ink used has a characteristic that allows you to write letters on the printed surface with a water-based ballpoint pen. This useful feature offers a wide range of applications that extend far beyond "photo books" such as original notebooks, planners and message books. You can download template images for ruled lines, memos, planners, medicine lists, and disaster prevention guidebooks from TOLOT's official website for free and combine with photos to create your original photo book.

Privileges for au Smart Pass Members

A coupon for a free copy (64 pages/500 yen including tax) will be given to users who log in with au IDs.

2. "JMTY"

Picture: "JMTY"

JMTY is a free bulletin board in which users can post "for sale or give away information", "real estate information", "job information", "event information" centered on transactions between individuals, and recruitment advertisements and announcements classified by regions such as prefectures. Anyone can use JMTY anytime, just by registering an email address without the need for entering information into many fields.
This service is known as a classified advertising site in other countries and widely used for transactions of goods and information in each region.

After launching the official site in last November, in only seven months, the monthly number of users has exceeded 200,000. Now JMTY has the largest number of users in the classified site field in Japan.
"Bulletin board for free/low-priced goods! JMTY" is a dedicated application for purchases and sales in local areas, specialized in "for sale or give away information". Submitting goods/inquiries only takes 30 seconds. You can submit goods just by taking pictures, and registering brief descriptions of goods and your contact information.
Searches can be performed based on the distance from your present location and the posted time of goods. Also, transactions are performed using our mailing system so there is no need to reveal your email address to other users letting you use the service safely.
On top of that, all these functions are free of charge.

Privileges for au Smart Pass Members

Pre-release of Android applications

3. "SHIMAUMA Print for au" (SHIMAUMA Print System)

Picture: "SHIMAUMA Print for au" (SHIMAUMA Print System)

SHIMAUMA Print is an internet digital print service provider started in March 2008 and has 480,000 members along with one of the largest labs in Japan.
With the service concept of "Providing high-quality digital prints at a super low price promptly and safely", we established a photo-developing lab in Hioki-city, Kagoshima to enable the operation using our own technology at a low cost. Costs are reduced by implementing an automatic packing/water supply/liquid waste disposal system to completely automate and streamline the photo-developing/distribution processes and by running the lab with a small number of staff. All materials such as photographic papers and chemicals are genuine products of their manufacturers and materials are purchased in a timely manner to keep them fresh. We continue to aspire to develop unique software and other systems, as well as hardware, and have developed light, strong, and waterproof original packages for delivering photos.

"SHIMAUMA Print for au" is a very simply designed print ordering application that allows users to make an order for printing photos taken by smartphones there and then. Just like PC services, we offer a high-quality, low-cost photo developing service and deliver photos promptly (same-day shipping at the earliest).
In addition, a second photo-developing lab will be completed in Hioki-city, Kagoshima at the end of August 2012 to enhance the production capacity and service.

Privileges for au Smart Pass Members

Ten photos are offered for free on the first order (standard price: 5 yen/15 yen per print).

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