au Smart Pass with over 6 Million Members is Further Advanced by Implementing Timeline UI
- "Making Every Day Simple & Lucky". Providing real time information useful in daily life -

KDDI Corporation

May 20, 2013

From June 6, 2013, KDDI and OKINAWA CELLULAR TELEPHONE COMPANY will expand au Smart Pass content substantially, and at the same time integrate the au Smart Pass site with the existing au portal to improve it as a new information portal which allows users to get the latest information in all kinds of categories.

au Smart Pass, launched from March 1, 2012, has been received well by many customers as the service for enjoying an open Internet environment safely. And, 14 months after its launch, the number of members surpassed 6 million. With the concept of "Making Every Day Simple & Lucky", au Smart Pass will be improved substantially to realize "enhancing the relation between smartphone and real life" set in the Smart Relations Concept.

Content unique to au Smart Pass which is useful in real life will be expanded. This includes invitations to member-exclusive events and advance ticket reservations realized through a partnership with PIA CORPORATION (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Hiroshi Yanai), in addition to coupons which can be used in many restaurants across the country. Also, information is displayed in a timeline format that is updated every 5 to 15 minutes, allowing users to find it easily.

In addition, au Smart Pass members will be invited to attend monthly au Smart Pass Assembly meetings designed to improve the development of services. Customer opinions will be gathered from questionnaires, and the results will serve as a basis for creating new apps and coupons, introducing new functions and services, improving user interfaces, and making other changes.

From now on, services will be advanced to provide the optimum information which is suitable for each customer's life style and stage in life, based on member information and utilization trends of various services.

For more details, please see the attachment.

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