New official au accessories added to au +1 collection! <Attachment 1>

1. Product lineup

Product Name Retail Price
(incl. tax)
Portable Full-Seg Tuner (tentative name) TBD
urbeats earphones with mic ・urbeats/W ¥12,800
SAL CASUAL earphones with mic ・Black
・Sky blue
・Light green
Jewel stickers ・Flower combo (Rose citrus)
・Flower frame (Milky beige)
・Heart (Pale pink)
・Round heart (Deep pink)
・Butterfly (Amethyst)
Smart touch pen (extendable type) ・White

2. Where available

au shops, au Online Shop, au Brand Garden, KDDI Designing Studio, au NAGOYA and au OSAKA

3. Release

Product Name Release Date
Earphones with mic (urbeats, SAL CASUAL) Early June 2013 or later
Jewel stickers, smart touch pen Late June 2013 or later
Portable Full-Seg Tuner (tentative name) August 2013 or later
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<Reference: Image>

Images: Portable Full-Seg Tuner (tentative name) urbeats

Images: SAL CASUAL earphones with mic

Images: Jewel stickers

Images: Smart touch pen

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