Sophistication in your palm. The latest model in the URBANO series. <Attachment 1>

URBAN - Premium but Friendly.-

Power saving features & high capacity that let users fully enjoy their smartphone experience. Battery that allows fast recharging and performance.

  • Worry free battery life with a 2,700 mAh high capacity battery that allows extended usage, a fast recharging capability, and the improved Power Saving Navigation®.

Easy to see, easy to hear, and easy to use. Enhanced usability you can feel.

  • Incorporates an entry home screen that is easy for first time smartphone users and an original user interface designed specifically to be easy to see and easy to use.
  • Features Smart Sonic Receiver®, which makes voices easy to hear even in loud environments.
  • Also comes equipped with easy-to-use button keys like the HOME key, which is convenient for bringing the phone out of sleep mode.
  • Compatible with Deka Moji, an original font size that is even larger than the Android standard font size.
  • Features Sugugoe® (voice command) that lets you launch the optimal app by simply saying what you want to do. Also linked with the new addition of Tanita's free health management app Health Planet that lets you input data like your body weight vocally and manage the data on a graph.
  • In addition to basic functions like 1Seg, infrared, and Osaifu-Keitai, also features waterproof/dustproof design and NFC.
  • Incorporates an approximately 13 M camera that features a fast shutter speed as well as new functions like night scene auto noise reduction and faded background.
  • Features Daily Step®, a function that can count steps walked and distinguish between walking and traveling by bicycle or vehicle. Also, an imbedded atmospheric pressure sensor lets you acquire high/low differential information.

The shine of real metal, the high-design form and feel: A design perfect for the sophisticated user with a taste for high class.

  • In addition to the front keys, each area incorporates metal highlights for the ultimate texture experience.
  • The large 4.7 inch liquid crystal display is miraculously contained in an approx. 65 mm width for the perfect hand fit.
  • The back is curved to fit your palm perfectly.
  • Its GUI features, like the lock screen, flawlessly reflect the URBANO high class worldview.
Basic Specifications
Product Name URBANO L01
OS Android 4.2
Manufacturer KYOCERA Corporation
Display Approx. 4.7 inch TFT liquid crystal HD
Weight Approx. 140 g
Camera Main camera: approx. 13 million pixels / CMOS
Sub camera : approx. 970,000 pixels /CMOS
Battery Capacity 2,700 mAh
Size Approx. 65 (W) × 134 (H) × 10.8 (D) mm
Thickest area: approx. 11.3 mm
Memory Approx. 16GB (ROM) / Approx.
Call/Standby Time
Call time: Approx. 1,210 min
Standby time: Approx. 620 hrs (3G),
approx. 510 hrs (LTE)
Color Green, White, Blue, and Black
External Memory microSDXC (Up to 64GB)
Available Services/Functions
E-mail (
Infrared Communications
Bluetooth® (ver4.0)
Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n)
(Up to 10 connections)
Max. receiving speed 100Mbps*
Anshin access for Android
Emergency News Mail
au Smart Pass
Waterproof (IPX5/8)
Dustproof (IP5X)
  • * The service name "4G LTE" conforms to the statement of the International Telecommunication Union that has approved LTE to be called "4G".
    The communication speed is not the actual communication speed, but the maximum value based on the technical standards. The actual speed may fall short of the maximum for various reasons, including the customer's communication environment and traffic conditions. The maximum uplink speed in the 100Mbps area is 15Mbps.

<Product image>

Image: Product image

<Entry home screen>

Image: Entry home screen

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  • * Android is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc.
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