Sophistication in your palm. The latest model in the URBANO series. <Attachment 2>

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1. Product Description

Category Product Name Retail Price
(incl. tax)
Cover URBANO L01 Hard Cover ・Clear (*) ¥1,575
・Glitter Clear (*)
・Green Black Gradation (*) ¥1,785
・Disney (*) ¥3,150
・Noble Butterfly ¥3,990
・Carbon Black ¥3,675
URBANO L01 Soft Cover ・Clear
・Clear Black
・Diamond Pink Gold
URBANO L01 Flip Case ・Brown ¥3,150
LCD Protective Film
・Anti-reflection anti-fingerprint (pack of 2)
・High-gloss anti-fingerprint (pack of 2)
  • (Note) Products with a * are compatible with tabletop holder recharging if the cover is affixed.

2. Where available

au shops, au Online Shop, au Brand Garden, KDDI Designing Studio,

3. Release

From late June 2013 onward

<Reference: Image>

Image: Hard Cover Noble Butterfly Hard Cover Green Black Gradation Flip Case Brown

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