New release: AQUOS PHONE SERIE with IGZO <Attachment 1>

An amazing 3 days [2] with IGZO [1].
- SERIE makes you forget to check the time. -

Do what you want, as long as you want. Amazing power conserving IGZO & high capacity 3,080 mAh battery.

  • Like automotive fuel efficient technology, IGZO suppresses CPU display operation during still image display and provides an environment in which the liquid crystal only operates 1 time per second, resulting in a dramatic suppression of battery consumption. Users who frequently use communication services that are popular amongst smartphone users like LINE and Facebook will especially be pleased with the joy of a long battery life.

No more frustration with dim displays. Smartphone top class bright lens (F1.9)

  • The F1.9 bright lens expands the range of photos you can take in dark environments without needing a flash and retains natural color. What's more, Sharp's original noise reduction system does away with the noise that is common in dark environments for clear photo images. And the lens achieves brightness at approximately 1.6 times standard [3], giving users a faster shutter speed and a more instantaneous response time.
  • With a high speed camera startup time of approximately 0.4 seconds (preliminary value) [4], you won't have to miss out on those important moments.

User-friendliness you can get used to. Just sweep, grip, and call up app names for luxurious convenience.

  • The Aquos Phone Serie does away with all those smartphone pet peeves with features like the Sweep ON function that lets you turn your phone on with a trace of the finger on the screen without having to search for the power button, the Shake OFF function that lets you turn the phone off by simply shaking it, the Bright Keep function that keeps the display from disappearing as long as you hold the phone in your hand, and the Finger Step & Voice Awake function that lets you open up apps simply by tapping the device and saying the app name!
  • Features the Another View function with a 2 screen display made possible through a super high speed quad core CPU. Watch 1Seg and browse at the same time.
  • Features the Personal Collect Board that lets you use the phone as a tabletop clock. Check important info like the weather, your schedule, and SNS features with a glance.
  • Equipped with a direct wave receiver that lets you enjoy clear phone communication without worrying where to put your ear, even in crowds.
  • Comes with a tabletop holder that lets you recharge the battery even with the separately sold body cover attached [5].
Basic Specifications
OS Android 4.2
Manufacturer Sharp Corporation
Display Approx. 4.9 inches IGZO HD
Weight Approx. 155 g (preliminary value )
Camera Main camera: approx. 13.1 million pixels/CMOS
Sub camera: approx. 2.07 million pixels/CMOS
Battery Capacity 3,080 mAh
Size Approx. 70 (W) ×142 (H) × 9.9 (D) mm
(preliminary value)
Memory Approx. 16GB (ROM)/approx.
Call/Standby Time
Color Blue, White, and Black
External Memory microSDXC (Up to 64GB)
Available Services/Functions
E-mail (
Infrared Communications
Bluetooth® (ver4.0)
Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n)
(Up to 10 connections)
Max. receiving speed 100Mbps*
Anshin access for Android
Emergency News Mail
au Smart Pass
Waterproof (IPX5/7)
Dustproof (IP5X)
  • [1] The IGZO liquid crystal display was designed for mass production through joint development with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
  • [2] This is a preliminary value calculated based on conditions during development modeled after assumed customer usage conditions (e-mail sending and receiving, app usage, etc., based on Sharp surveys), and is subject to change. Also, available usage time may change dramatically depending on customer usage conditions and communications environment.
  • [3] Compared with AQUOS PHONE SERIE SHL21.
  • [4] When launched from the "welcome sheet" (lock screen). The time measurement is a survey measurement generated via a test method under conditions designated by the manufacturer.
  • [5] This is not a guarantee of compatibility with all covers available on the market.
  • * The service name "4G LTE" conforms to the statement of the International Telecommunication Union that has approved LTE to be called "4G".
    The communication speed is not the actual communication speed, but the maximum value based on the technical standards. The actual speed may fall short of the maximum for various reasons, including the customer's communication environment and traffic conditions. The maximum uplink speed in the 100Mbps area is 15Mbps.

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