Xperia UL, the latest model in the popular Xperia series, is launched <Attachment 2>

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1. Product Description

Category Product Name Retail Price
(incl. tax)
Cover Xperia UL GILD Design Solid Bumper (Included in set)
・Solid bumper (silver)
・Standard titanium bolt (silver)
・Aluminum bolt (blue)
・Aluminum bolt (black)
・Aluminum bolt (red)
Xperia UL Hard Cover ・Clear
・Glitter clear
・Blue-black gradation ¥1,785
・Disney ¥3,150
・Milky Flower ¥3,990
・Carbon black ¥3,675
Xperia UL Soft Cover ・Clear
・Clear black
・Diamond pink gold
Xperia UL Hybrid Bumper ・Black ¥1,785
Film Xperia UL LCD Protective Film ・Anti-reflection anti-fingerprint (pack of 2)
・High-gloss anti-fingerprint (pack of 2)

2. Where available

au shops, au Online Shop, au Brand Garden, KDDI Designing Studio, au NAGOYA and au OSAKA

  • * Xperia UL GILD Design Solid Bumper is only available at KDDI Designing Studio, au NAGOYA, au OSAKA, au Online Shop and au Brand Garden.

3. Release

From May 25, 2013

<Reference: Image>

Image: Hard Cover Disney Hard Cover Blue-black gradation GILD Design Solid Bumper Cover

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