New approach for 2013 smartphones - Shifting from "basic use" to "mastery" <Attachment>

New products and services based on the Smart Relations Concept

1) Products that promote "mastery"

KDDI will provide products equipped with a variety of functions that improve the convenience of daily life.
KDDI will provide products equipped with functions that offer entertainment, such as cameras, movies, music and apps, as well as functions that make daily life more convenient, such as Osaifu-Keitai and NFC. In addition, products will incorporate features that boost performance (CPU, battery life, etc.) and make it more comfortable to use these functions, and KDDI will develop a highly select line of products with a focus on design and on improving how they feel in the hand.

2) au Smart Pass to strengthen relationship between smartphones and real life

au Smart Pass will make significant advances under the concept of "Making Every Day Simple & Lucky".
In addition to expanding services such as exclusive invitations to events for members only and advance ticket reservations, more benefits such as coupons that can be used at numerous restaurants across Japan, as well as content that is useful in real life, will be made available. To help members learn about these offers more quickly and easily, information will be displayed in a timeline format that is updated every 5 to 15 minutes.
In addition, au Smart Pass members will be invited to attend monthly au Smart Pass Assembly meetings designed to improve the development of services. Customer opinions will be gathered from questionnaires, and the results will serve as a basis for creating new apps and coupons, introducing new functions and services, improving user interfaces, and making other changes as needed.

3) au Smart Support to strengthen relationship with customers

au Smart Support is a new type of after-sales service for the smartphone generation, which supports the "mastery" of smartphones.
This comprehensive support service for individuals provides thorough, one-on-one support to customers such as those who might think, "I bought it, but I can't master it" or "I want to buy it, but am not sure if I'll be able to use it".
Support provided by specialized staff will enable customers to enjoy their smartphones just how they want to enjoy them.

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