Start of Kodomo Park An intellectual education service for au smartphones where parents and kids can learn in a fun way <Attachment>

1. Features of Kodomo Park

(1) Application Market

We offer a specialized market that has been carefully selected for intellectual-education-only applications for safe learning for children from 0 to 6 years of age. Customers who subscribe to the monthly course can use an unlimited number of applications.

  • * If you do not subscribe to the monthly course, you can purchase applications separately.

<Examples of available apps>

Genre Application name Supplier
Drawing Guru Guru Lazoo Worldwide, Inc
Music Oyako De Rhythm Ehon Plus SMARTEDUCATION,LTD.
Puzzles Dora-Kids x Shuffle Eawase for Kodomo Park Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd.
Words and Brush strokes Hanpuku Tegaki Drill Hiragana Katakana GakkoNet Corp, Inc.
Counting and numbers Pénélope Suji De Asobo! C2inc.
Words and Brush strokes Hello Kitty Kodomo Yubi Drill for Kodomo Park NEXTBOOK Inc.
Picture books Ehon Pack - Nihon Mukashi Banashi (1) - KidsStar Inc.
Drawing Sawatte Umareru! Ugoku Oekaki Atech Inc.
Movies Touch! Aso-baby (Wao-chi! series) Wao Corporation
Game Yubi De Asobou! Combi No Mori D3PUBLISHER INC.
Words and Brush strokes Iropiko+ STARRYWORKS inc.
Words and Brush strokes Osyaberi Zukan (Vehicle) Go-Next
Words and Brush strokes Gakki - Pocket Zukan - DIGIMERCE Inc.
Drawing Cake O Tsukuro! Anpanman for Kodomo Park Forecast Communications Inc.

(2) Safe and secure mode switching function

When in Kodomo Mode, children can only use the specified applications set by their parents. This can prevent unpermitted internet browsing, or accessing other applications and incurring extraneous charges so that the children can use a safe and secure environment.

  • * This function can be used free of charge.

(3) Usage Management Function

You can set the amount of time Kodomo Park can be used in 1 day. As well, you can check what applications your child actually uses and the time spent on them with the study history function.

2. Charges

Monthly information charge: 790 yen (tax included)

  • * Some functions are available for free.
  • * Packet communication charges are separately incurred.
  • * au Smart Pass members can get a discount of up to 200 yen.
  • * Initial registration has 30 days of free use.

3. Service begins

July 1, 2013

4. Compatible models

au smartphones running Android 2.3 or higher

5. How to access (Application download)

au Smart Pass → Search for Kodomo Park from App

(from PCs and smartphones)

6. Service Logo

Image: Service Logo

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