Starting operations of the Optical Submarine Cable between Japan and Singapore SOUTH-EAST ASIA JAPAN CABLE SYSTEM <Reference>

1. SJC Outline

(1) Network system
Japan to Singapore
Cable branching destinations: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand (planned)

(2) Operations start
June 27, 2013

(3) Bandwidth

(4) Total length
Approx. 8,900 km

(5) Total construction costs
Approx. US$400 million

(6) Consortium Members
KDDI (Japan)
China Telecom, CTGlobal (China)
China Mobile International (China)
Donghwa Telecom (Hong Kong)
Globe Telecom (Philippines)
Google (United States)
SingTel (Singapore)
Telin (Indonesia)
TOT (Thailand)

2. Network Schematic Diagram

Figure: Network Schematic Diagram

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