GPS MAP, a Location Service For Mobile Phones

- Service allows remote tracking of locations of personnel carrying compatible handsets

Tokyo, July 18 - KDDI Corp. is to begin GPS MAP, a new location information management service that takes advantage of the highly accurate location measuring capabilities of KDDI's third-generation CDMA2000 1x GPS KEITAI to provide corporate customers with a way to improve transport management, sales and marketing activities and the dispatch of maintenance personnel.

KDDI is a leading company in developing 'Mobile & IP' solutions, which increase value to customers by bringing together mobile phone technology and the Internet. KDDI previously released its proprietary GPS KEITAI, which uses Global Positioning System satellites and wireless routing stations to provide users with location information accurate to within a few meters.

Well suited to consumers, GPS KEITAI also acts as a core component of solutions for corporate clients. Based on many of the features incorporated in GPS KEITAI, GPS MAP allows users to see in real time the location of all personnel or vehicles with compatible handsets. It has many potential applications in areas as diverse as goods delivery and collection, sales, maintenance, nursing, healthcare, security and event management.

Aimed at corporate customers, GPS MAP is simple to operate and has low rollout and running costs, making for excellent cost performance. Users can also choose to display movement histories and information about the state of work in progress. The system supports the sending of messages from the monitoring PC to individual mobile phones, which allows dispatched personnel to make speedy responses to instructions issued by supervisors, improving operational efficiency.

GPS MAP is the first wide use system of its kind to be released by the mobile phone industry. Details of the system are provided below.

The GPS MAP location information management service is designed to enable businesses to use very accurate location information to track the movement of sales personnel and other staff as a relatively simple way to boost operational efficiency.

As a wide use ASP system, GPS MAP does not require companies to make major investments or buy special equipment. Users can use GPS MAP systems with a commercially available GPS KEITAI* and a PC with an Internet connection. This simplicity results in extremely low introductory costs. KDDI takes responsibility for the operation of the necessary software applications itself, reducing post-implementation system management.

* CDMA2000 1x-compatible au mobile phones designated by KDDI. (Currently under preparation)

2.Main Characteristics
  • The new system incorporates center push functions, which allow centers (PCs) to make location requests to GPS KEITAIs. As such, users can obtain real-time information on the location of personnel without having to wait for them to report.
  • In addition to this, GPS MAP also allows users to send messages directly to mobile phones, making for efficient communication even when dispatched personnel are in transit or conducting discussions with customers.
  • Dispatch personnel can select one of a number of settings on their mobile phones to make their status clear to centers, such as 'in transit,' 'in discussion with customer,' 'taking refreshment,' 'resting,' and 'in consultation.'
  • The maps displayed on GPS KEITAIs are available in six different scales and PCs incorporated into GPS MAP systems are available in four different scales. This allows both large-scale transport management and accurate personnel dispatch in the heart of built-up areas.
  • GPS MAP displays the movement histories of commercial vehicles, such as those involved in route sales, on maps displayed at centers. This system stands to improve vehicle operational management.
  • GPS MAP mobile phones are also equipped with privacy functions that prevent location searches. This allows personnel to maintain privacy while not working.

3.Service Start Date
October 1, 2002 (planned)

4.Service Fees
Service fees are due to be 1,000 yen per unit per month for PCs and 2,000 yen per unit per month for mobile phones. Line usage and packet fees will be charged separately.

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