Sustainability Report

KDDI issues its Sustainability Report as a means for disclosing financial and nonfinancial information. This report is a focused summary of environmental , social , governance, and other non-financial information in PDF format (Japanese and English). For information on our business strategies and opportunities, please refer to the Integrated Report.

The Sustainability Report expands on information referencing the GRI's Sustainability Reporting Standards, as well as information to promote greater understanding of how KDDI creates value. We will continue making efforts to communicate with all stakeholders and promoting our sustainability initiatives.

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Sustainability Report 2021

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  • The report is available in PDF format only.

<Sustainability Report 2021 Contents>

  • Top Message
  • KDDI's Commitment to Sustainability
    KDDI's Commitment to Sustainability
    Sustainability Promotion Framework
    Our Business and Strategies
    KDDI's DNA
  • Feature Article 1
    KDDI's Response to Climate Change—Net-Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050
  • Feature Article 2
    KDDI Sustainable Action
    • Connecting and protecting lives
      Building a Resilient Infrastructure for Communication and Disaster Response
      Conserving the Environment
    • Connecting Day-to-day Lives
      Sustainable Development for Cities and Communities
      Building the Infrastructure for Developing Countries
      Developing Human Resources for the Next Generation
    • Connecting hearts and minds
      Creating a Digital Society for Affluence and Peace of Mind
      Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion
      Fostering Health and a Purpose in Life
  • Materiality
    Message from Executive Officer of Sustainability
    KDDI's Material Sustainability Issues
    FY2020 Material KPI Results
    FY2021 Material KPIs
    1) Safer and More Resilient Connected World
    • Network Quality Management and Improvement
    • Disaster Preparedness
    • Initiatives Outside Japan
    2) Cyber Security and Privacy Protection
    • Cyber Security and Data Privacy Protection
    3) Fulfilled Life Brought through ICTs
    • Regional Revitalization Initiatives
    • Innovation Management
    • Responsibility for Products and Services
    • Initiatives Outside Japan
    4) Rewarding Workplaces for Diverse Talents
    • Recruiting and Developing Human Resources
    • Labor Practices
    5) Respect for Human Rights and Fairness in Business
    • Human Rights
    • Youth Education Activities
    • Compliance
    • Supply Chain Management
    6) An Energy-Efficient, Circular Economy
    • Environmental Management
    • Environmental Performance
  • Management Framework
    Corporate Governance/Risk Management/Customer Relationship Management/Brand Management
  • Engagement
    Stakeholder Engagement/Community Involvement and Development/External Recognition/External Assurance

Corporate Profile

Disclosure Policy

Appendix: Comparative Table with GRI Standards
Appendix: Comparative Table with SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) (Telecommunications)

Appendix: Comparative Table with Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

Sustainability-related Information

Stakeholder dialogues

KDDI Group Declaration of Health-Focused Management

KDDI Group Philosophy

KDDI Code of Business Conduct (Basic Principles)

KDDI Group Human Rights Policy

KDDI Environmental Charter

KDDI Action Guidelines on Biodiversity Conservation

KDDI Group Sustainable and Responsible Procurement Policy

IR Documents

Policies and announcements