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What is 0077 → au Discount

You can receive an additional 5% discount on calls made from your home phone to an au mobile phone.

If you are subscribed to Danzen Talk II DX, etc., Additional discount is applied to calls from home phones to au mobile phones.

0077 + Mobile phone number
It's easy! Just dial 0077 before the mobile phone number!
  • When using this service, please dial 0077 before dialing the au mobile phone number regardless of whether you are subscribed to MYLINE or are using an adapter.


With "0077 → au Discount", you can receive an additional 5% discount on calls made from NTT subscriber phones to au mobile phones.

Dialing from numbers starting with 090 or 080 [1] Standard charge ¥31.5 Weekday daytime [2]: 1 min. → 0077 → au Discount If you are calling an au mobile phone, receive an additional 5% off with 0077 → au Discount → Dial 0077 to call an au mobile phone ¥16.45875 All calling time slots: 1 min.

  • [1]
    This calling rate applies when both the home phone (calling side) and mobile phone (receiving side) are in the business area established by the individual mobile phone carrier.
  • [2]
    Time slot of 8:00 - 19:00 during a weekday.
When dialing to a mobile phone from a carrier other than au

Please use the "Calls to mobile phones using 0077" service for discounted calling rates.

Calls to mobile phones using 0077

Point Service

The calling charge from making calls using 0077 → au Discount is also added to the Point Program.

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Discounted services

You can receive this discount if you are subscribed to any one of the following KDDI discount services.

  • The calling charge for calls to mobile phones using 0077 is included in the calling charge that determines the discount rate of individual discount services.
  • Customers who are already subscribed to any of the above discount services do not need to apply additionally to receive this discount.


Please contact the KDDI Customer Service Center for inquiries into or subscription to the service.

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  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.