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Calling rates for au Collective Line

Calling rate for calls from au mobile phones to home phones

Domestic call Free
  • With "au → My Home Discount", calls to "subscriber's home phone number" registered when making a contract of an au mobile phone become free.

Calling rates for calls to mobile phones

Callee's telecommunications carrier au NTT DOCOMO SoftBank Y!mobile
Dial the 0077 prefix
All time slots: One-minute call
¥15.5 ¥16 ¥16 ¥16
  • Calling rates shown above are applied to calls made during 8:00 - 19:00 on weekdays under the condition that the location of both general subscriber phone (caller) and mobile phone (callee) are within a service area specified by each of the telecommunications carriers.

Calling rates for domestic calls

Area Calling rate
local calls/in-prefecture calls ¥8/3 minutes
out-of-prefecture calls ¥15/3 minutes
  • The classification of in-prefecture and out-Prefecture is based on the prefectural classification defined by Article No. 24 of the Ministerial Ordinance of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (enacted on July 1st, 1999), and thus may differ from the administrative classification.
  • When making a call to areas which have not been registered to MYLINE and MYLINE PLUS, you need to dial the 0077 prefix.
  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.