Danzen Talk II DX

  • 01. How can I apply for Danzen Talk II DX?
    01. ou can request for an application form from our website.

    Open link in a new windowGet an application form (in Japanese only)

  • 02. Is there a registration fee or basic charge?

    02. There is no registration fee. Normally a monthly flat rate of ¥220 (tax included) is charged. However if you meet any one of the following requirements, you are exempt from the basic charge.

    • If you are subscribed to an au mobile phone or Y!mobile PHS and registered for "KDDI Discount Set".
    • Applicable to customers who use au one net [2], combine phone charges and au one net charges into a single bill under the condition that "au one net Set Discount" is applied.
    • If you have registered more than 2 calling zones (including in-prefecture/out-of-prefecture long distance calls) with KDDI MYLINE PLUS.
    • [2]
      au HIKARI and ADSL one are excluded.
  • 03. What calls can be discounted?
    03. Long distance calls using 0077 can receive discounts. Local calls and calls made to mobile phones and PHS are not eligible for discounts. For international calls, discounts are applied to International Direct Dialing (IDD) using 001, International Operator Assisted Calls, international calls made from Japan using a KDDI card, KDDI Super Japan Direct using a KDDI card and KDDI Japan Direct.
  • 04. Do I need to pre-register phone numbers I call often?
    04. No registration of phone numbers is necessary. Calls to the destination phone number with the highest calling charge out of all the long distance calls using 0077 and international calls using 001 receive 45% discount, respectively. Calls to the destination phone number with the second highest calling charge out of long distance calls using 0077 and international calls using 001 receive 35% discount, respectively. Other long distance and international calls are 25% off.
  • 05. If the highest calling charge is from calls outside of Japan to Japan, would this be eligible for receiving 45% discount?
    05. All calls made from abroad to Japan will be 25% discount. The only international calls that can receive 45% or 35% discount are calls from Japan made to another country (including international calls using a KDDI card).

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