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KDDI and Okinawa Cellular to Release BREWTM Mobile Phone Models
Featuring New BREW Application Platform

Tokyo, January 29, 2003 - KDDI Corp. and Okinawa Cellular introduce BREWTM (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless), a new application platform for mobile phones, for third-generation (CDMA2000 1x) handsets, which offer high-speed data communications at speeds of up to 144 kbps. The first version of the BREW mobile phones, the A5304T (manufactured by Toshiba Corp.), is scheduled for release in late February.

The introduction of BREW will enable mutual distribution of applications in Japan, China, and Korea. At the same time, it will provide corporate customers with mobile phone customization solutions to meet the needs of individual companies, while providing individual customers with entertaining applications in a more comfortable environment than before.

Notably, as part of its activities targeting corporate customers, KDDI will be conducting joint development with IBM Japan, Ltd., on the BREW Business Profile, a set of corporate solutions using the BREW platform. Other activities will include the development of various infrastructures, including high value-added middleware that enables flexible customization in keeping with the needs of corporate customers.

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular currently offer four au MOVIE KEITAI handsets with digital camera functions and a total of 15 CDMA 2001 1x mobile phone models.


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