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KDDI Announces the B01K Endurance Mobile Phone and E02SA Wireless LAN Business Handset with "Office Freedom" Wireless LAN Mobile Office Extensions

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce the introduction of the B01K, an endurance mobile phone with the longest calling time in the country [1] and improved security features for corporate clients, and the E02SA, the inaugural wireless LAN mobile handset in the au range. The B01K will launch in March, while the E02SA will launch from July.

KDDI is also introducing "Office Freedom", a wireless LAN mobile office extensions solution, which will launch together with the E02SA.

The B01K and E02SA mark the first time KDDI has launched a mobile phone series specifically designed for corporate clients, having provided previous services such as the BREW® [2] application and GPS-based solutions to meet corporate needs.

The B01K comes with a high-capacity battery, and functions including data deletion via remote control, to meet corporate requirements for mobile phones with longer calling times and better security features. KDDI corporate clients in the sales industry, for example, will no longer worry about flat batteries whenever they are out of the office.

The E02SA is au's first wireless LAN mobile handset, and can be used both as a telephone for making extension calls using VoIP, and as a mobile phone. The E02SA allows clients to move freely about without the fear of missing calls, as it can be used both for making internal calls as well as a mobile phone, improving business efficiency. In addition, as the new handset doesn't require complicated telephone wiring, it also contributes to business efficiency and reduction in construction costs when changes in office layout are carried out. Regardless of whether an employee is in the office or outside, communications between parties are smoothly enabled, expanding business possibilities.

"Office Freedom", an office extensions solution using the au E02SA wireless LAN mobile handset, will launch with the E02SA in July, and provide services together with commercial partners such as machine vendors.

KDDI has been providing "Office Wise", an au area-specific phone service enabling au mobile phone operation within specific areas such as office buildings, at fixed rates. With "Office Freedom", an extension solution using wireless LAN au mobile handsets, KDDI continues to develop terminal and extension solutions most suited to corporate client business styles and uses.

[1]  Among mobile phones sold in Japan (as of February 2006, based on company survey).
[2]  BREW® and BREW® are trademarks of QUALCOMM Co. or registered trademarks

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