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UNIADEX, KDDI Forge Alliance for Sales of Mobile Solutions Using Wireless LAN-Enabled Mobile E02SA

KDDI Corporation


UNIADEX, Ltd. and KDDI have reached an agreement to collaborate in the development of the sales and service of mobile solutions using the E02SA au mobile phone for the enterprise market equipped with wireless LAN function provided by KDDI.

Under this agreement, UNIADEX, as an authorized partner of KDDI's wireless LAN mobile phone extension solution "Office Freedom" [1], will commence the provision of AiriP® Wireless IP Phone Solutions that utilize the unique features of the E02SA from July.

KDDI's E02SA can be used as an extension phone when in the office, through wireless LAN-enabled VoIP, or as an au mobile phone when out of the office, creating an efficient office environment. Compatible with both wireless LAN standard IEEE802.11b and IEEE802.11g [2], the E02SA also uses IEEE802.11e [3] for the QoS [4] wireless sector, resulting in faster transmission speeds and enhanced voice quality. Furthermore, the E02SA uses BREW® [5], which facilitates the development of a variety of application softwares to enhance the efficiency of the usage environment. It is therefore expected that the E02SA will be used not only for telephone communication but also as an intranet terminal that allows the development of applications.

Until now, UNIADEX has sold AiriP Wireless IP Telephony Solutions, which combine wireless LAN switches made by Aruba Wireless Networks, known for its advanced security features and high-speed roaming, with NextGen SIP servers [6], which offer flexible capability to respond to the diverse needs of users. By adding the new E02SA to the current lineup of wireless IP phone equipment, the company seeks to further expand its wireless IP phone operation.

In addition, UNIADEX and KDDI have agreed to collaborate in the planning and development of other mobile solutions and services for companies.

Features of the UNIADEX AiriP Wireless IP Telephony Solution with au wireless LAN mobile E02SA

The E02SA can be used as an internal office phone or intranet terminal using a wireless LAN in the office, allowing voice and data to co-exist on the same wireless LAN network, such as a PC. Further, it is planned to provide solutions that are equipped with features developed exclusively by UNIADEX. These include location tracking (to identify the whereabouts of employees) that uses GPS to display positional information at the place where the user is, from an access point position detected at the office, and hookup with internal office telephone directory systems.

[1]  OFFICE FREEDOM: The generic name for the wireless LAN internal extension solution constructed using a wireless LAN enabled mobile phone provided by KDDI and an internal extension application provided by BREW®.
[2]  IEEE802.11g: The wireless LAN international specification of a maximum speed of 54 megabits per second using a 2.4GHz frequency band. Approved June 2003.
[3]  IEEE802.11e: Standard that enables sound quality to be maintained even when transmitting data through a PC using wireless LAN, by prioritizing voice message traffic.
[4]  QoS 'Quality of Service': Providing a differentiated quality of service by assigning a priority according to the packet classification.
[5]  BREW 'Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless': Platform for developing mobile phone applications produced by the U.S. company QUALCOMM. Operates by placing programs on an Internet-based Web server and downloading directly to a mobile phone.
[6]  SIP 'Session Initiation Protocol' Server: Call control server for phone calls on an IP network.

* AiriP® is a registered trademark of UNIADEX, Ltd.
* BREW® and trademarks associated with BREW® are trademarks or registered trademarks of QUALCOMM.
* All company names and product names contained in this release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
* The E02SA au mobile phone specification is in the course of development, and may therefore change in the future.

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