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KDDI Announces "3D Navi" - World's First Cellular Phone 3D Navigation Service

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce the world's first [1] real cellular phone 3D navigation service. "3D Navi", the new service which displays intersections and landmarks in three-dimensional images, is produced by KDDI in association with NAVITIME JAPAN CO.,LTD. for the pedestrian "EZ Navi Walk", and will be available from later April this year.

Following the "EZ Navi Walk" voice guide on the way to one's destination, pedestrians will pass through various intersections or locations, and at each, "3D Navi" displays images of the surrounding scenery, such as buildings and landmarks. As real maps in three dimensions are displayed, users can enjoy a more comprehensible service, particularly at complex intersections or locations, which are not easily understood with a standard map alone.

ZENRIN CO., LTD. and GEO Technical Laboratory Co., Ltd. provide the data used in "3D Navi's" 3D map images.

[1]  As of March 26, 2006, "3D Navi" is the first cellular phone navigation service using high resolution three-dimension digital mapping on a nationwide city scale, following KDDI and NAVITIME JAPAN research.

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