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KDDI Unveils 7 Models in New au Line-up

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce the introduction, beginning in early June 2006, of 7 models in its newest line-up of au mobile phones. The line-up, which is compatible with au Listen Mobile Service or 'LISMO', includes the Walkman® Keitai W42S, which supports approximately 30 hours of continuous music playback and features a 1GB internal memory, and the G'zOne W42CA, the first water- and shock-resistant model in au's CDMA 1X WIN series.

The new line-up includes models that increase the length of LISMO playback time and models whose tuners are compatible with 'One Seg'. From the CDMA 1X WIN, with its enhanced music and movie features, to the CDMA 1X - au's slimmest model at just 18mm - KDDI is delighted to present a line-up that allows users to choose a mobile phone that matches their lifestyle.

Main features of each model are as follows.

Walkman® Keitai W42S
(Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications)
With approximately 30 hours of continuous music playback - the longest for a mobile phone [1] - and a 1GB internal memory appropriated for music, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications configured the Walkman® Keitai [2] specifically for music listening.

G'zOne W42CA
(Casio Computer Co., Ltd.)
A water- and shock-resistant model featuring a 2.1-megapixel auto-focus camera and external memory, the G'One by Casio is the most durable mobile phone in the WIN series.

(Toshiba Corporation)
A large capacity music mobile with a 1GB memory, the W44T by Toshiba comes with a built-in Bluetooth™ receiver that allows immediate wireless access to music.

(Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.)
Sanyo's W33SA II is a 'One Seg'-compatible mobile whose enhanced multimedia includes 'Ugo Moji Mail™' and 'Pasha Moji™' for text messaging and 'PC site viewer'.

(Kyocera Corporation)
A music mobile that features mobile ASV liquid crystal and a microphone-equipped remote control, Kyocera's W42K is analog TV-capable, allowing users to enjoy both music and TV.

(Hitachi, Ltd.)
With its 'custom bangle' and 'W scene' functions, the W42H by Hitachi is a 'transitional mobile' that enables the user to transition from home setting to work setting and is compatible with EZ FeliCa [3].

(Kyocera Corporation)
The A5521K by Kyocera is a compact 18mm model that boasts a 2.4-inch ASV liquid crystal display among numerous other features.

[1]  As of May 22, 2006.
[2]  Walkman® is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
[3]  FeliCa, a contactless IC card technology developed by Sony, is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
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