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EZ 'Chaku Uta Full®' Downloads Exceed 50 Million

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce that total downloads of EZ 'Chaku Uta Full®' to au mobile phones and PCs (via the LISMO Music Store) exceeded 50,000,000 songs on May 20, 2006.

EZ 'Chaku Uta Full®', which allows users to download entire songs directly to their mobile phones, began in November 2004. The LISMO Music Store opened on May 17 of this year, bringing EZ 'Chaku Uta Full®' service to PCs.

Currently, there are 80 websites featuring over 150,000 songs, mainly J-Pop, that are compatible with EZ 'Chaku Uta Full®'. The LISMO Music Store initially featured 20,000 songs; going forward, KDDI plans to continually expand both the number of songs and the number of compatible websites.

Steps leading up to the 50,000,000 download mark
19 November 2004
Start of EZ 'Chaku Uta Full®' service
5 January 2005
Downloads exceed 1,000,000
5 February 2005
Downloads exceed 2,000,000
1 March 2005
Downloads exceed 3,000,000
17 March 2005
Downloads exceed 4,000,000
3 April 2005
Downloads exceed 5,000,000
15 June 2005
Downloads exceed 10,000,000
28 September 2005
Downloads exceed 20,000,000
28 December 2005
Downloads exceed 30,000,000
20 May 2006
Downloads exceed 50,000,000

* 'Chaku Uta Full®' is a registered trademark of Sony Music Entertainment.

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