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KDDI and TEPCO Introduce 'Hikari one' Joint FTTH Service

KDDI Corporation
Tokyo Electric Power Company


KDDI Corporation and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) are pleased to announce the full-blown introduction on June 1, 2006, of a joint FTTH service under the new name 'Hikari one.' This service is grounded in a comprehensive partnership in the communications industry.

The name 'Hikari one' reflects the two companies' desire to become one in order to provide a one-on-one service that meets the needs of each individual customer. Beginning with a high-speed, high-quality 'triple play' of Internet, telephone and television service that utilizes fiber optic cable, KDDI and TEPCO aim to provide a service that efficient, enjoyable and appealing to users.

Specifically, 'Hikari one Home', which falls under the 'Hikari one' umbrella, is intended for customers who reside in detached houses or apartment complexes of 3 stories or less. This 'Hikari one Home' service will connect KDDI's CDN [1] and Tepco's Hikari Access Network, adopt GE-PON technology [2] that splits 1-Gbps fiber optic cable, and provide high speed and high quality service. Additionally, the two companies are cooperating in sales and other areas, and are planning to actively develop their service.

In accordance with the service's full-blow introduction, the 'KDDI & TEPCO Hikari Campaign Plan', offered by the two companies since November of last year, and KDDI's nationwide service, 'Hikari Plus', which was oriented towards apartment complexes, will be merged under the 'Hikari one' brand [3]. However, TEPCO's 'TEPCO Hikari' service will continue to be provided under the same name.

The services under the 'Hikari one' umbrella will be offered through partnerships with various providers. However, at the launch of service on June 1, DION (KDDI's current provider) was the sole provider.
Going forward, the companies plan to establish partnerships with @nifty (Nifty K.K.), DTI (Dream Train Internet K.K.), and BIGLOBE (NEC), in addition to DION. In the future, the list of providers will be steadily expanded.

'Hikari one.' has brought about collaboration between the communications (initially mobile phones) and energy industries. KDDI and TEPCO intend to further expand their FTTH service into one that boasts a superior product line and competitive prices.

[1]  CDN: Content Delivery Network. A content distribution network that uses IP technology, large capacity circuits, etc., and is suitable for the transmission of images and audio.
[2]  GE-PON: Gigabit Ethernet-Passive Optical Network. A technology that splits fiber optic cable, enabling access by multiple users. Through the use of Gigabit Ethernet, users in locations ranging from base stations to private homes can transmit and receive Ethernet frames as is. (Standard IEEE802.3ah)
[3]  'Hikari one Home' (DION) is an alternate name for 'KDDI & TEPCO Hikari Campaign Plan' and 'Hikari Plus Home'; 'Hikari one Mansion' (DION) is an alternate name for 'Hikari Plus Mansion'.

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