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KDDI Launches International Ethernet Services

KDDI Corporation


KDDI Corporation today announced its intention to introduce Ethernet services to the international market. Service is scheduled to commence in September of this year; initially in and between the United States and Japan. Service will be extended to Hong Kong and Singapore later in the year and to the United Kingdom, China and other areas early next year.

The Ethernet service, using layer 2 switches and providing bandwidth up to 100Mbps, is the first of its kind in the region. While a number of other companies have introduced Ethernet-like services internationally, such as Ethernet over MPLS or Ethernet over leased lines, this is the first service to provide pure Ethernet over the actual network backbone. The new service provides users with the plug-and-play simplicity of Ethernet and the scalability of many-to-many networks.

"KDDI is the market leader in this technology providing approximately 40% [1] of the market in Japan," commented Masaaki Nakanishi, the head of KDDI's international operations. "Ethernet WAN services have taken off in a big way in Japan over the last few years and we expect the same to happen in the international arena. It was, therefore, a natural move to bring our hard-won experience in this extremely competitive market to our international users."

As a result of the availability figures achieved by the KDDI service in Japan (over 99.999%), customer expectations for the service are extremely high. To ensure these are met, the same technical specifications, design and operations teams have been used for the international service. Service coverage will, similarly, continue to be expanded throughout 2007 as the needs of customers dictate.

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[1]  From data compiled by Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc.

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