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KDDI, VDC to Provide International IP-VPN Service in Vietnam
—Japanese, Vietnamese Telecom Companies Cooperate to Develop Infrastructure—


KDDI today signed a service agreement with Vietnam Datacommunication Company ('VDC') of Vietnam to jointly establish IP-VPN infrastructure in Hanoi, the national capital, and in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam's largest commercial city. Under the agreement, the two companies also aim to provide 'KDDI International IP-VPN Service' nationwide beginning on October 1.

When the infrastructure is in place, KDDI will become the first foreign telecommunications company to provide IP-VPN service in Vietnam.

Through the joint establishment of an IP-VPN infrastructure, KDDI will provide traffic priority control, enabling high quality audio transmission via applications that prioritize sound, remote monitoring of routers in Vietnam and other additional services to customers.

KDDI provides support for its international data transmission service through the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City branch offices of its local subsidiary in Vietnam, KDDI Vietnam Corporation ('KDDI Vietnam'. Beginning with the International IP-VPN Service, KDDI plans to expand communications services between Japan and Vietnam in order to support the local operations of Japanese companies.

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