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KDDI Announces 12 New Models in au Mobile Phone Lineup -
— Enhanced Sound Quality through Collaboration with Yamaha and Distinctive, High-quality Design —

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce the launch of a succession of 12 new models in the au mobile phone line-up from early September.

With an even greater focus on sound and design aspects, the new lineup is broader than ever before, catering to a wide variety of user preferences and lifestyles. All 12 models are capable of processing the latest services such as "au My Page", a personal portal sevice, and "EZ Channel Plus", a high-definition video and music programming service, while individual models boast their own distinct features, such as EZ TV ('One-Seg') reception or a slim-line 15mm model design.

Focus on Sound
The new series brings success in achieving total sound quality improvement through collaboration with Yamaha Corporation in the "quest for authentic sound" [1]. This process involved the tuning of individual models to produce the required sound, evaluation of sound quality by music professionals, consultations in respect of handset design, and the introduction of the sound source chip that utilizes band spreading technology DBEX™ [2], bringing users the benefits of au LISTEN MOBILE SERVICE (LISMO) as well as enabling them to enjoy One-Seg broadcasts of higher sound quality than ever before.

[1]  CDMA 1X WIN-capable models only
[2]  DBEX™ is the trademark of DiMAGIC

Focus on Design
The new lineup also introduces a series of distinctive and high-quality designs, ranging from models that incorporate the essence of art deco to those featuring materials with new fabric-like textures.

The precise timing of each model launch will be advised separately.

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