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KDDI to Introduce "EZ Channel Plus" Programming Service for au
— "LISMO Channel" Among 4 Programs to be Offered —

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to offer "EZ Channel Plus," the service distributing high-quality-image informational programming for au mobile, free of fees from late night until early morning on selected days, from September 2006.

"EZ Channel Plus" can distribute mass content to a large number of customers using BCMCS [1] multicasting, so can be enjoyed for an economical fee of only 315 yen (tax included) [2] per month, regardless of programs subscribed to. The present "EZ Channel" display will also be expanded [3] through the use of high compression H.264 video format, for contents with clear, high-definition imaging.

Four programs will be offered with the launch of the service, for anyone with an au mobire phone, including the "LISMO Channel" music program, which distributes latest music information, artist interviews, and music videos, and the "EZ TODAY's Watch Plus" info program, which distributes daily news, weather, and entertainment information.

au is cooperating with many companies in offering this service. Chaku Uta ® [4] and other content will be easily accessible from "EZ Channel Plus" programs. By examining ways to make programs in cooperation with existing media such as terrestrial and CS broadcasting, au is aiming to establish a growing independent broadcast media exclusively for mobile phones.

In line with the start of "EZ Channel Plus" services, KDDI will waive the monthly fee of 315 yen (tax included) through December 2006 as part of a "Service Launch Commemorative Campaign."

[1]  BCMCS (Broadcast and Multicasting Services) is a function which allows simultaneous transmissions to a large number of customers over one wireless channel.
[2]  Subscription to "EZ Channel Plus" programming requires either "Double Flat" or "Double Flat Light" fixed fee packet services or "Packet Discount WIN Super" or "Packet Discount WIN Middle" packet fee discount services. The monthly fee of 315 yen (tax included) is the maximum packet fixed/discount service fee.
[3]  "EZ Channel," which began service in November 2003, has adopted the MPEG4 video format.
[4]  Chaku Uta ® is a registered trademark of Sony Music Entertainment.

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