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KDDI to Launch "EZ News Flash" Information Service for BCMCS-equipped au

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular will begin offering "EZ News Flash," a new media service that will send the latest news and weather reports to au cellphones, from September 2006. The new service will come at no additional charge above information and connection fees.

"EZ News Flash" is an information distribution service that can deliver timely information to a large number of customers using BCMCS [1] multicasting. The service will allow a wide range of customers to check news, weather, and other information easily without complicated settings or operating procedures.

"EZ News Flash" constantly displays selected regional weather icons and primary, entertainment, sports, and other news via telops on cellphone standby displays, allowing users one-click access to more detailed information of interest. From this detailed information, users can also connect to related EZweb WIN portal sites, enabling easy access to an even wider range of information. Other functions that can be enjoyed on a daily basis include "Fortune" and "Today's Topics" (special reports and recommendations), and updates on the individual user-customizable portal site "au My Page." The service will also deliver convenient and useful information for customer lifestyles, including a natural disaster message board.

In conjunction with this service offer, KDDI will also launch "Weather Standby Display," a content service which is linked to and changes the display for selected regional weather information.

[1]  BCMCS (Broadcast and Multicasting Services) is a function which allows simultaneous transmissions to a large number of customers over one wireless channel.

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