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KDDI Announces "EZ GREE" Mobile SNS for au

KDDI Corporation


KDDI and GREE are pleased to announce "EZ GREE", a new mobile social networking service (SNS) function that allows users to access SNS with just a mobile phone, from November 16th.

SNS is a fast expanding PC-oriented network that allows participants to mutually introduce friends, enlarge their circle of friends, and exchange information with members they can trust. In addition to the current SNS function in "GREE", "EZ GREE" offers an all-in-one convenience function that fully utilizes the strengths of "EV-DO Rev. A" [1], enabling users to enjoy moving picture communication [2], communicate with PC users and users of other mobile phone companies, and also to perform anything from membership registration to writing and reading diaries and community entries with just an au mobile phone.

In addition, "EZ GREE" also has a decoration function for diaries and profile customization, and links seamlessly with "EZ News Flash" [3] and "au My Page" [4], thus making it the most convenient mobile SNS anytime, anywhere.

KDDI and GREE will continue to utilize their respective know-how to continue developing a community of news, music and games on EZweb, and work together to reinforce the integration between GPS and the different services provided by au with SNS, providing a mobile lifestyle for customers in which they are the sources of information themselves.

[1]  "EV-DO Rev. A" is an improved version of "EV-DO Rev. O". It not only significantly increases the uploading speed (144kbps → 1.8Mbps: peak period speed), but also has a delay-prevention function for package communications, thus enabling mutual real time communication with the IP.
[2]  Moving picture communications can be enjoyed with EZ movie compatible devices.
[3]  "EZ News Flash" is a media-styled information broadcast service that sends the latest news and weather forecast free of charge to the waiting screen.
[4]  "au My Page" is a personal portal site that allows users to save up to 100Mbyte worth of data for free and can be customized according to users' usage patterns.

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