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KDDI Develops First Mobile Phone with Digital Radio Capability
— W44S's Unique 'Dual Open Style' and Seamless Switching Between Media Give AV Equipment a New Look —

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce their development of a mobile handset with digital radio capability [1], a file download service that allows users to enjoy high-quality music programming and broadcasting, as part of the latest lineup of third-generation CDMA 1X WIN au mobile phones. The new handset, the W44S, features a unique 'dual open style' (vertical and horizontal opening and closing), which enables users to take full advantage of a variety of media services including one seg, LISMO (video clips) and EZ Channel Plus. It will go on sale beginning in the first half of December 2006.

The W44S has a 'dual open style' allowing users to open and close the phone in the traditional vertical way as well as in a horizontal way, and adopts the TV key feature which allows users to select from a variety of media services such as digital radio, one seg and EX Channel Plus and switch seamlessly from one service to another like a TV remote control.

The W44S comes built in with superb picture and audio systems that allow users to enjoy images and music of high quality. The 3-inch full wide liquid crystal screen adopts RealityMAX [2], a high-quality picture engine for mobile display that adopts the technology used in Sony's high picture quality liquid crystal TV, Bravia[3], to provide clear and vivid images. The 16Φ 3D surround speaker and high audio quality earphones from Sony allow users to enjoy high-quality sounds close to the fundamental tone using the DBEX™ [4] function. In addition, it also has a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus and vibration reduction functions, and is compatible to other services such as decoration mail, EZ FeliCa, EZ News Flash, and PC Site Viewer. As a phone, the W44S is equipped with a lot of fun and convenient functions.

With its revolutionary design that gives it the appearance of a true-blue AV equipment, functionality and high quality, the W44S is sure to give users a sense of surprise and happiness at possessing a phone that has crossed the boundary of mobile phones in terms of its functionality and high quality.

[1]  As of November 16, 2006.
[2]  RealityMAX is a trademark of Sony Ericsson Communications.
[3]  BRAVIA is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
[4]  DBEX™ is a trademark of DiMAGIC.
Photo: W44S

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