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KDDI to Provide Video Clips in LISMO

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce that they will start providing video clips that can be easily downloaded anytime, anywhere via au mobile phones, in their all-round music service LISMO, beginning in early December of this year. This will be the first [1] mobile service of its type; the clips will primarily be from music videos by J-POP artists.

The LISMO video clips have similar sound quality to EZ Chaku-Uta Full [2] and picture quality to One-Seg. As well as enjoying the artists' tracks with the corresponding high-quality videos, they can also be used as Chaku-Uta ring-tones [3]. The video clips can also be downloaded using Digital Radio, as well as from sites provided on EZweb. In addition, the downloaded tracks have been made even easier to use by enabling them to be backed up on PC using the music library software au Music Port (ver. 3.0) [4]. When the service starts, about 2,000 video clips, primarily of popular Japanese artists, are scheduled to be available from six sites. The number of such sites and clips will also be increased steadily.

In addition, the au Music Port user interface of has been renewed, making it even simpler and more convenient to use, as well as upgrading the video-clip player capability.

In conjunction with the start of video clip provision, a tie-up campaign with hit group EXILE, called au x EXILE - Part II, will run from December 14 to January 31. The campaign will offer numerous types of free digital content for EZ Chaku-Uta Full and other services, notably a video clip from Lovers Again, the tie-up song from au commercials.

[1]  As a service combining the H.264 video codec and HE-AAC audio codec (survey by KDDI).
[2]  Chaku-Uta and Chaku-Uta Full are registered trademarks of Sony Music Entertainment.
[3]  Only audio content can be used as Chaku-Uta ring tones.
[4]  au Music Port is music library software for PCs, enabling music to be used on both au handsets and PCs in LISMO.

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