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KDDI Introduces New Models to its Safer Mobile Line-up
— New Junior Mobile, 'Sweets cute', and Compact Model Offer Improved Location Functionality for Children —

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce three new models in its safe mobile lineup. The new au 3G CDMA 1X mobile phone line will roll out from late January.

The new models include the 'Junior Keitai A5525SA' from Sanyo Electric, offering improved security features and water-resistance, the 'Sweets cute' [1] from Sanyo Electric, which comes in cute designs resembling those of 'Sweets' [2] and features enhanced security features, and the 'A5523T' from Toshiba, a compact, easy-to-use and friendly phone with added security features.

'Junior Keitai A5525SA' and 'Sweets cute' come with the newly equipped with 'Movement Tracking System', a device which allows parents to track the location of their children from their mobile phone or PC whenever a warning buzzer is sounded or when the child's phone is switched off. This system also has automatic camera and phone functions, further allowing parents to confirm a childs location through sound and images.

All the 3 models come equipped with 'Safe Navi', a system which allows users to automatically confirm their family members' location at a fixed time, from their phone or from a PC. The service manus have been renewed to meet customers' demands for safer service and functions.

Special Features of the News Models

(Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.)
Movement tracking system and battery cover lock function in emergencies
IPX4 water resistant feature safe enough for children (JIS protection level)
Junior mode service to prevent over-using and restrict callers and mailers
Sweets cute
(Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.)
Form that is soft like dipped biscuit
Academic dictionaries such as English/Japanese, Japanese/English, Japanese dictionaries, camera de dictionary.
Movement tracking system and battery lock function in emergencies
(Toshiba Corporation)
5 large functions: "Large Words", "Large Keys", "Large Volume", "Large Ringtones", "Large Pixels".
Safety features: "Easy mode", "Restricted Mode" and easy to use feature: "One Touch Dial"
Variety of functions: Electronic dictionaries, address book up to 1000 entries, EZ.FM, infrared communication system, etc.

[1]  'cute' is a Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. product name
[2]  'Sweets' is a KDDI product range.
Photo: New Models

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