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KDDI Announces Exciting Spring au Line-up
— Superb Graphic and Design Quality, High Resolution Displays, 'One Seg', 'Digital Radio' Compatible, and 'au design project' Models —

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new Spring au lineup featuring a total of 14 new models, including 10 new au 3G "CDMA 1X WIN" and 3 'CDMA1X' mobile phones, with 8 'One Seg' compatible models. In addition to superb audio and design, the new phones are equipped with high graphic quality features and include models compatible with 'One Seg' and 'Digital Radio', as well as an 'au design project' model.

The lineup starts with 'MEDIA SKIN', the sixth model in the 'au design project' series, a compact model at merely 13mm thick and the first mobile phone in the world [1] to feature a 260,000-color QVGA electroluminescence LCD in its main display, and includes 7 additional new 'One Seg' compatible models equipped with wide field angle IPS LCD screens, including a 3.0 inch wide VGA LCD screen model, to reduce fluctuations in colors and contrast, allowing users to enjoy high quality graphics.

In addition to 'EZ Channel Plus', several new 'LISMO' video clip models have been added, allowing users to access a wide variety of graphics and contents on the new high quality screens. All models also come with the 'DBEX' function, and Sony high audio quality earphones.

The theme "'Individuality' makes you shine" runs through this new range of models, with various colors and textures, clear soft illumination panels and lighting features allowing users to freely express their individuality.

[1]  As of 16th January 2007, main display using 260,000-color QVGA electroluminescence LCD.
Photo: New Spring au Line-up
Photo: New Spring au Line-up

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