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"KDDI Matomete Billing" Statements Cross 1 Million in February

KDDI Corporation


KDDI is pleased to announce that the number of billing statements issued under its "KDDI Matomete Billing" service surpassed 1 million for the month of February 2007 (the total number of subscriptions for fixed and mobile communication services is 3.1 million).

"KDDI Matomete Billing" is a service which combines separate billing statements for fixed communication services (such as KDDI Metal Plus, Hikari one DION, Myline, DION) and mobile communication service (au) into one single billing statement and has been available since May 2005.

"KDDI Matomete Billing" service not only allows customers to pay for their fixed and mobile communication (au) services together, but it also allows customers to add up the points accumulated in the separate programs, "KDDI Grand Point Plan" (for fixed lines) and "au Point Program" and "Point α" (for au), and use them to change new handsets or exchange products. In addition, bills are also discounted under the "KDDI Matomete Discount" [1] service.

As the only company providing both fixed and mobile communication services in Japan, KDDI will continue to roll out more convenient and reliable services for our customers.

[1]  Discounts are for the basic monthly charge of 105 yen/subscription (tax inclusive) for "Metal Plus (Family)" and "Hikari one (DION)", or up to 105 yen (tax inclusive) on bills for DION, My Line etc.

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