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KDDI Announces 'EZ News Flash' Users Exceed 1 Million

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce that users of the 'EZ News Flash' [1] media style information distribution service for au mobile phones exceeded 1 million on February 17.

'EZ News Flash', a service which started from September 21, 2006, makes use of the multi-cast technology BCMCS [2] to send timely information to customer's mobile phones. The service enables users to check the latest news, weather reports, etc. without having to make troublesome settings or go through complicated functions, at no data or communication costs.

'EZ News Flash' is a very popular service among customers, with approximately 80% of subscribers with compatible phones currently using it.

KDDI hopes to develop the service by expanding the information distributed and extend the service to EZweb in the future.

[1]  Phones compatible to "EZ News Flash" are W43H, W43CA, W44S, W47T, DRAPE, W43H II, W51K, W51P, W51CA, W51T, W51H, W51SA, W52T. All future CDMA 1X phones introduced to the market are scheduled for compatibility to the service.
[2]  BCMCS is the abbreviation of Broadcast/Multicast Services. It is a service which enables simultaneously distribution with a single wireless channel to multiple customers.

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