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KDDI Launches CDMA 1X WIN Models with New Communication Modules, and GPS as Standard Equipment - a First in Japan


KDDI is pleased to announce a new line-up of business mobile phones featuring new communication modules, and equipped with GPS 'gpsOne' [1] functionality as standard. The KCMV-200 and KCMX-100 by Kyocera, and the WM-M200 by Seiko Instruments enable more finely tuned communications meeting with users' needs and applications.

Each model comes with GPS functionality as a standard feature, a first in Japan. The new communication modules enable high-precision positioning without the use of a separate GPS unit, allowing business users to maximize applications that require accurate positional data, such as management of vehicle operations or field workers.

The KCMV-200 from Kyocera achieves large volumes with high speed of communications of up to 2.4 Mbps. Uploading of image data to online message boards, downloading of large capacity programs to industrial machineries, and distributing map data to car navigation systems and contents can be quickly achieved.

The lightweight WM-M200 from Seiko Instruments is 26% lighter than previous models, and can be easily embedded into terminal adapters (settlement terminal) and credit card readers.

All models are also equipped with 'protocol change functionality'. [2] Data sent from any type of source can be automatically converted to TCP/UDP protocol, helping to reduce costs and time incurred in product development.

KDDI communication modules may be embedded in commercial vehicles, industrial machineries, construction machineries, electricity and gas meters, handy terminals, security terminals, and car navigation systems, permitting users an improved efficiency and quality of business operations including vehicle management, status checking and remote control of products, automatic meter inspection, inventory management, placing and receiving of orders, mobile credit, crime prevention, and acquisition of the latest traffic news and map data. With KDDI communication modules, users will be able to create new products and services.

KDDI will be showcasing the new communication modules at the following trade shows:
Embedded Systems Expo (Tokyo Big Sight), May 16-18, 2007
Embedded Technology West 2007 (Mydome, Osaka), June 6-7, 2007

[1]  A positioning system developed by QUALCOMM, Inc. that combines GPS and CDMA. Whereas GPS measures position by receiving signals from at least three satellites, gpsOne enhances precision by the supplementary use of positional data from CDMA base stations. gpsOne can measure position even in places where less than two GPS satellites are available.
[2]  A function which automatically converts non-sequential data sent from products with embedded an communication module to TCP/UDP protocol.

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