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KDDI Introduces 'Keitai de Cordless Set' for Small Business Premises Using 'Business Keitai' E02SA

KDDI Corporation


KDDI is pleased to offer commercial customers with small offices or shops the "Keitai de Cordless Set," a wireless LAN set using the E02SA handset, which supports wireless LAN. The new set will roll out in early May.

The "Keitai de Cordless Set" enables the E02SA to be used as a cordless extension in the office, simply by connecting an ordinary subscriber line to an SR-53V, a wireless broadband VoIP router, as well as using the E02SA as a standard au mobile phone outside the office.

Because the E02SA can be used as a cordless extension, this solution can be used to improve business efficiency, as calls to the ordinary phone in the office can be received on the spot, with no need to hand over the phone.

The "Keitai de Cordless Set" can be used with 2-6 E02SA wireless LAN handsets. It therefore makes wireless LAN usage easy for commercial customers that have small offices.

As wireless LAN solutions, KDDI provides OFFICE WISE for large business premises, and OFFICE FREEDOM and OFFIMO for midsized business premises. Now, the "Keitai de Cordless Set" enables all commercial customers to utilize an extension or wireless LAN solution.

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