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KDDI Introduces 'Saigaiji-Navi' Mobile GPS Services for Assistance in Earthquake or Other Disaster Situations

KDDI Corporation
Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd


KDDI and Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd. are pleased to introduce 'Saigaiji-Navi', a mobile phone-based GPS service for aid in times of disasters such as earthquakes, along with new au mobile phone functionality to support the service.

With the 'Saigaiji-Navi' service, users are provided direction and distance to nearest evacuation sites by au mobile phones using 'Standalone GPS' [1] technology, even at times of shutdown in the au communication system due to disaster, after they have installed maps of main roads and evacuation sites on their handsets.

Users may also visit the 'Saigaiji-Navi' EZ website to download 'kitaku shien - (direction home)' maps, prepared by Shobunsha Publications, Inc., mapping routes from randomly nominated points like home and office, which show warning and hazardous route information, as well as convenience stores and gas stations.

[1]  StandaloneGPS: au mobile phones directly process signals from GPS on the phones themselves.

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